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The selected images represent a small extract from my long term project which reflects events within my family’s history around the time of the 2ndworld war. All images are taken in the Donetsk area in Ukraine with the help of a large format camera and the Tricolor Photographic technique. By turning black and white photography into color this technique allows me to reflect on the historical events within the photographic reproduction process.

Millions of people lost their lives in the Donetsk area in the beginning of the 19 century. My Grandfather died there in a Prison camp in 1945 together with several thousands other Upper-Silesians. His grave is unknown and what´s left behind is a small calendar book written in tiny script, which I have inherited from my father. Many images spring to mind when reading a document as strong as this diary. The long and inhuman train journeys, the work in the coalmines, hunger and starvation and the generally terrible living conditions. His failed escape through the woods that led to being sentenced to death by hard labour in an Iron Foundry. And maybe hardest of all – his longing to see his family again.

The selected images are trying to catch a ghost that has been buried by the immense brutality of history and is still manifested in the conflicts of today.




November 16, 2014