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I was one of 20 photographers invited by the the ‘Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sited’ to join an exhibition project which was shown in different cities in Europe and Tokyo so far. Never published paintings of Edward Munch were shown side by side Tom Sandbergs and the other artist work. Our task was to interpret and visualize a defect of the eye.

“Diabetes Retinopati” was my choice and is based on the compensation of a missing sight spot by the brain. Here the missing spot is interpolated by the content of the nearest environment and compensated. I found it fascinating, since i saw parallels to digital work in photo postproduction. Often an eye defect can put the patient into difficult social situations as well, a fact which is ¬†reflected in the environment of a glasshouse. The final work approaches the problem from two different perspectives : the outside and the inside.

The images deceive the viewer in many ways. Observing the images puts you into the position of having a visual problem. What seems to be manipulated turns out to be authentic and the other way around.

January 1, 2005