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Mountains and trolls are deep seated archetypes of the Norwegian consciousness. As a consequence, the subject is exhausted commercially, and especially in the marketing of Norway as a tourist destination.

Fotoremix is a cooperation project together with Bjørn Brochmann from the Oslo based Commandogroup. The series focuses on the relavent nature of national romanticism and is inspired by work of photographer Anders Wilse, known as the most influential Norwegian National Romantic photographer.

All the photographs are taken in Norwegian nature, from Troms to Telemark, and many images from Vestlandet. In this way Brochmann thinks it is important that Heinisch is not Norwegian, and that he sees the Norwegian landscape through his German/Slavic eyes.

The basic technique reflects the redundancy of the theme and function in contrast to the over manipulated photography of our modern age.

January 1, 2003